Credits and intellectual property

Intellectual property


The texts on the website belong to Hakesh, except where otherwise indicated by direct reference to the respective persons (or entities with intellectual property rights) through the Biography(s).


Translations have been done by Hakesh; many of them using web tools: Google Translate and Deepl.

Web design

Web design has been done by Hakesh. Web development is based on CMF Processwire (content manager created by Ryan Cramer), Bootstrap CSS (web interface framework), and own code.

Intellectual property of third parties

DMCA and Complaints

If any author considers that his biography, the digital resources linked to his identity and/or his creations should be removed from this website, he can write to [] (mailto: ).

Visual elements

The icons and images used on this website were created by various authors, who have assigned their rights of use. These authors belong to the communities of: FontAwesome,,,, and Youtube video previews.

Teaching resources

The videos, documentaries, movies, songs and books shared on this website have been created by various authors and are therefore their property. They have been used here for educational purposes, to boost the well-being of thousands of people.