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Fernando C. Albarello, hereinafter Hakesh, resides in the city of Ibagué, Colombia. Hakesh is the founder, owner and legal representative of Hakesh.com, this web platform and its applications, except those mentioned on the Intellectual Property page.

Hakesh is the founder, creator, owner, leader and/or promoter of the international subsidiary brands mentioned in the Portfolio section, as well as: The Latus Network in all its languages and for all the countries in which it has an impact.

Hakesh owns the digital and physical assets that he owns, manages and trades.

Red Latus

International brands and portals (Latus.Group, Latus.Media, Latus.Network Global, Latus.Network International, Latus.Network, Latus.Lat, Latus.World, Somos.Lat), national (Latus.Network USA, Latus.Network Peru, Latus.Network Mexico, Latus.Network Guatemala, Latus.Network Panama, Latus.Network Colombia, etc.).

Business directories

Hakesh is the owner and leader of the Latin American directories (LAT) of an international, national and regional nature: dir.lat, findex.lat, domicilios.lat, turismo.lat, lugares.lat, 147.lat, 472.lat and the rest.

Legal Agreements

Hakesh has no legal obligations or responsibilities to the affiliates of his websites, except as stated in the Privacy Policy. Hakesh maintains a legal link with the people who have invested in the acquisition of co-managed assets.

Hakesh reserves the right of admission and permanence in its digital structure, according to the rules defined in each of the initiatives led, supported and/or promoted by Hakesh and/or its affiliates. Similarly, the cancellation of an affiliation / membership / coupon / permit / digital pass unless there is a written legal agreement and a monetary binding associated with it.

Any thanks, comment, concern, request, complaint, claim, suggestion or complaint can be dealt with directly with Hakesh through Whatsapp or by email.

WhatsApp: +57 314 224 8465
Email: hello@hakesh.com