2024-02-10 We become PLUS.lat

We shared with great joy and satisfaction of the team that we began the lunar year (Chino del Dragón Year) with 16 new domains.

The main news is the redesign of the platform and the red of the sites to convert to the new brand ⨁ PLUS

⨁ PLUS it will be the new wedding for HAKESH.com PROS.lat [ROOT.lat](https://ROOT .lat) LATUS.world SITIOS.lat and these main nodes of the digital platform, and of the red of products and services...

We know that this beautiful combination of domains will allow us to provide a service of the highest quality to our customers:

New ChatBots service and management of virtual assistants for personal brands, local, corporate and community businesses:

New application for managing brand identity for affiliated companies:

Section for managing the accounts of our customers, which will facilitate different functions for affiliate companies:

New bulk mail delivery service:

A premium domain that will be used to manage extensions and extra components for each red website:

Also, these new nodes will allow the creation of different web sites based on subdomains:

A special domain for Samia Beresford's personal brand: